The Great Record Shops #1

Farewell to Stereo Jack, Boston’s famous record shop…

Full story in the Boston Globe HERE

Nominate your favourite record shop – in London or elsewhere – drop us a line at or post a comment below.

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One response to “The Great Record Shops #1

  • Martin63

    There have been so many over the years. The longest running favourite that is still in business would have to be Rough Trade on Talbot Road, W11. The original Wreckless Records on Upper Street Islington next door to the Screen on the Green cinema is probably my most missed, together with Plastic Passion off Portobello Road. Record and Tape Exchange in Notting Hill Gate (or whatever they are called these days) is still a mecca, although their prices are still at the top end but with bargains to be found if you hunt around for long enough, especially in the basement. In central London, Berwick Street is not what it was in terms of the number of shops but it’s still a great street to wander down, as is Hanway Street off Tottenham Court Road. A usually hung over Shane MacGowan used to work in “Rock On Records” in Hanway Street in 1983/4.

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