Great to See Everyone!

Thanks to all who joined the Rock’nRoll London walk today in glorious sunshine!


2 responses to “Great to See Everyone!

  • Richard Benson

    Thanks for your walk of September 30; we had a blast! New Yorkers will be flocking by the droves to London for your incomparable weather. You mentioned a posting on the rock blog, and my 60’s addled brain can’t recall; possibly on the breakup of a band? Also, what was the name of the music street with Hank’s and Sax, etc? Rich Benson

  • apbblogger

    Thanks Rich – the post was on our main blog and the link is here:

    The music street was Denmark Street.

    Rich, were you the guy with the Austin Texas t-shirt? Who played the bass? If so, keep in touch and next time you are here in London we’ll try to get you sitting in with our band if we’ve got a gig.

    If that’s not you – hey, keep in touch anyway!

    All best


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